Win a Jacksaw & Irwin Marples Chisels Bundle


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Live Draw 29/05/2022 @ 8PM

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Marples M373 8 Piece Splitproof Bevel Edge Chisel Set

MAR373S8 (995831)


IRWIN Marples M373 8 piece chisel set in a wooden storage case. Heavy duty, bevel edge wood chisels made from hardened steel for a reliable and long lasting service and can be resharpened time and time again.

Specially formulated acetate split proof handles absorb exccessive impact to protect the chisel and work piece, can be hit with a standard claw hammer or wooden mallet without the fear of splitting the handle.

Embodying a long tradition of craftsmanship and recognised by professionals as setting the standard for all others, Marples chisels remain the finest on the market. With many unique features developed through continuing innovation, their comprehensive range of tough, dependable chisels will tackle the most intricate or demanding jobs effortlessly.

Irwin 20″ Jacksaw – Box of 10

20″ universal jack saw for use on multiple jobs.

* 45 and 90 angles

* Triple ground hard point, steel blade
* Soft grip handle
* Increased hand space for use with gloves