Stihl Petrol MS 400 or Battery MSA 300


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Answer the question:

What is a chainsaw used for?

  • Cutting Wood
  • Drilling Holes
  • Cutting Your Hair

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STIHL MS 400 C-M Petrol Chainsaw


World’s first chainsaw with magnesium piston technology. The MS 400 C-M chainsaw has been designed with professionals in mind, offering STIHL’s highest performance in the 60cc class. More displacement, more power, more torque, only a small weight increase compared to the MS 362 C-M and outstanding power to weight ratio. The new 2-MIX engine provides 4kW of power, compared to 3.5kW in the MS 362 C-M, as well as more torque – 4.1 Nm vs 3.5 Nm. These increases come from larger displacement of 66.8cc, which is a 14% increase compared to the MS 362 C-M. The magnesium piston is also 14% lighter than the aluminium piston in the MS 362 C-M, helping ensure rapid acceleration.

18″ Bar & Chain Kit 18″ Bar, Chain & Scabbard. Suitable for users wanting the whole package ready to go!

STIHL MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw


STIHL’s most powerful cordless chainsaw, designed for demanding professional use. Three available operating modes enable optimum battery efficiency across a range of applications such as felling, de-limbing and cutting to length. Highly ergonomic and comfortable to use over longer periods of work thanks to a compact, balanced design and the STIHL anti-vibration system. The LED display allows for intuitive operation, giving the user notifications on oil level, chain brake position and power setting. Mounting point for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A on the power tool housing.

18″ Full Kit
18″ Light 04 Bar, Chain & Scabbard, AP500 S Battery & AL500 Charger. Suitable for users wanting a longer bar and the whole package ready to go!