HUGE Power Tool Accessories, Hand Tools & Beta Box Bundle


Max 50 Entries Per Person

Live Draw 12/06/2022 @ 8PM

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Live draw takes place regardless of sell out !!!
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Answer the question:

What colour are Dewalt power tools?

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Teal Blue
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well….. This is one huge bundle…. Plenty to keep you going for quite some time!!!!

Starting with the awesome Beta box…..

Beta C23Sc-G-Portable Tool Chest Grey

BETA023000512 (466853)


860514 IRW10507593 Irwin Blue Groove Auger & Flat Drill Bit Set 
261579 DEWDT71582QZ Dewalt Combination Drill Accessory Set 
522470 MAKD21191 Makita Drill & Chisel Bit Set (SDS+ Shank) 10pce 
213540 MIL4932472060 Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriver Bit Set 
242362 TREGRABME1SET Trend Damaged Micro Screw/Bolt Remover 
194774 MAKD41517 Makita 1/2 Socket Set 9 Piece 
362133 DEWDT3506QZ Dewalt 115mm Fast Cut Cutting Disc Pack of 10 
514850 MAKB29016 Makita 115mm Long Life Strip Disc 
313637 DEWDWA8062SIAAE Dewalt 115 x 1.0 x 22.23mm INOX Metal Cutting Wheel Type 41 
390718 DEWDW4543AIAAE Dewalt 125 x 6 x 22.23mm Metal Grinding Disc Type 27
651331 SEATKCB651 Sealey Ø65mm Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush M14 Thread 
412988 SMAH8MAK Smart Trade 8 Piece Blade Set 
445706 VNT30454 Vaunt Singe Box Cutter 
826791 VNT30455 Vaunt Double Box Cutter 
327788 VNT30260 Vaunt Sanding Discs Hook & Loop 125mm 60 Grit – Pack of 10 
529379 VNT30263 Vaunt Sanding Discs Hook & Loop 125mm 120 Grit – Pack of 10 
121792 VNT30262 Vaunt Sanding Discs Hook & Loop 125mm 100 Grit – Pack of 10 
285229 VNT30264 Vaunt Sanding Discs Hook & Loop 125mm 220 Grit – Pack of 10 
391129 JAK10505212PK3 Irwin Jack 880 Plus Universal Handsaw 500mm/20” – Pack of 3
247539 STA020559 Stanley FatMax Folding Jab Saw 
386563 STA46053 Stanley Adjustable Quick Square 170mm
590243 BAHCSPACK Bahco Combination Square Triple Pack 
262848 OXTAPEPACK Ox Tape Measure Bundle – Metric Only 
683200 STA533891 Stanley FatMax Tape Measure 8m/26ft 
319493 STA533886 Stanley FatMax Tape Measure 5m/16ft 

369321 STA047681 Stanley FatMax Chalk Reel; & Pen
995831 MAR373S8 Marples M373 8 Piece Splitproof Bevel Edge Chisel Set
207326 WER057460 Wera Kraftform Kompakt 52 Piece Tool Set 
665310 MIL4932478671 Milwaukee VDE PACKOUT Set – 11 Piece 
378111 OXT081924 OX Pro Combination Rubber Mallet 24oz 
359399 ESTE320C Estwing E3/20C Estwing Hammer (20oz) Vinyl Grip 
524759 ROU31970 Roughneck 3 Piece Chisel & Bolster Set 
740937 IRWT06012 Irwin Record Low Angle Block Plane 6”/42mm 1-5/8”/46mm 
705984 BAH47808 Bahco Engineers File 5 Piece Set 
801405 IRWQG54122QCN Irwin Mini Bar Clamp Twin Pack – 300mm/12” 
596110 TREIWEDGE2PK Trend Inflatable Air Wedge – Pack of 2